Your handwriting using mobile

Write your message using a regular piece of paper and and a pen. Take a photo of it using the Inkly Cards app. The app will then magically remove the paper taking just your handwritten message and pop it on the inside of your card.

Your photos, your memories...
your cards.

Use your own photos to create the ultimate personalised card. Include multiple photos and apply photo filters.

1000’s of beautiful designs.

Whatever the occasion we’ve got the perfect card for you. You can even add a photo inside :)

Handwritten envelopes.

If you’re using your iPad you can also write the address directly onto the envelope. We’ll even save it for the next time you send a card to that person.

Choose your colour.

Choose from 7 different colours including recycled.

Real printed cards.

Inkly print on premium card stock using the highest quality printing presses available to make sure your personalised card looks stunning every time.

Never forget. Birthday reminders.

Connect with Facebook for a weekly reminder email of upcoming birthdays and events with suggested cards.

Suggested cards for each friend based on their age, interests, gender and relationship with you.

Send globally, printed locally

Inkly has a worldwide printing network. We print your card closest to it’s destination meaning it arrives faster and saves you money on postage. New York today, Sydney tomorrow! *

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